Sunday is half way over, and it feels like I’ve already done a day’s worth of activities.  I started it off with an 8.5 mile run with Vero & Brandi, then I went straight to my personal training session for the week with Susan at the JCC (and I bench pressed 85 pounds for the first time).  My a** is grass at the moment!!  🙂  I had an early lunch, ran some errands, and now it’s about time for a reeeeally long nap.  I feel accomplished and proud for getting everything done early.

Last night I watched Love and Other Drugs by myself, and enjoyed every second of the solitude.  I had spent most of the day volunteering at the Salsa Showdown and knew that I wasn’t going to be worth much in the evening.  It was a great movie, though it made me cry at the end.  Enough with the tears already!!!

I have a few options for the rest of the day, but I’m not making any decisions until I wake up from my snooze.  It seems like no matter what I do, seeing The Hangover 2 is in my future b/c it’s been a part of every invitation so far.  That’s fine with me because I’m fairly certain it won’t make me cry.  😉  I do have to say though, movies are a great distraction from the real world when I just need to get out of my head space.

I’ve officially reached my goal of running 32 miles this week!  I will hopefully talk to my running coach today or tomorrow to figure out this week’s schedule.  Tomorrow I plan to do a timed 5k to figure out my official speed for training purposes.  Looking forward to it!