Welcome, Friday!  I have been looking forward to you.  🙂  After work today I’m heading out-of-town to Chattanooga with a few friends for Vero’s 40th birthday weekend celebration.  We are staying on the Delta Queen, which is a hotel that also happens to be a boat.  I LOVE not having an agenda when I go places as it leaves me open to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  My day-to-day life is very scheduled and preplanned, so my vacations are usually just the opposite.  It’s just the same for Bonnaroo next week (Wednesday-Sunday)… I have two bands that I absolutely must see, but other than that I am wide open.  My friend Chez has actually mapped out a good deal of the festival so it is highly likely that I will just tag along with her most of the time.  The best example of my carefree traveling attitude would have to be my trip in 2007 to the Amalfi Coast in Italy for the wedding of my friends Jill & James.  If any of you have been there before then you know it is a really hard place to get to… especially your first time.  There are multiple flights, multiple trains, boats, LOTS of stairs, etc., all to get you to paradise on earth.  Anyway, long story short, after all of the effort it took to get there I wasn’t about to leave our little villa on the coast, much less the tiny town we were in.  So while everyone else did a lot of work to see the sights I soaked up some rays, got lots of sleep, and ate fabulous food.  For me, it’s important to just be and absorb a new place without a lot of stress.

Wow, all that talk of Italy really made me miss it.  🙂  I’ve often thought that I could live there if I had a reason (and, of course, learned how to speak the language).  I think everyone has a place like that of their own in the back of their mind… somewhere you dream of living, even if you never actually do it.  Italy is my place, specifically the charming little town of Praiano.  Sigh.

On that note, I hope all of you visit your own special place today… even if it is only in a daydream.

Praiano on the Amalfi Coast