There is so much to say about the Bonnaroo 2011 trip.  Some things I can write, and others I can’t.  🙂  It wouldn’t be a true festival experience if that wasn’t the case… right?  Honesty when Chez Knox Rox and I pulled up Wednesday night in the pitch black darkness in the midst of what appeared to be total chaos, I wasn’t sure what was going to be in our future for the next 4 nights and 4 days.  We discovered right off the bat though that putting up a tent isn’t very easy, especially when you can’t see.  On the flip side, our neighbors on both sides ended up being the best we could have ever asked for.  To our left was a group of 3 New Yorkers who had driven over 13 hours straight to be there.  We spent most of our off-time with them playing Uno, drinking beer, and reading tarot cards.  😀  Our neighbors to the right were an amazing couple from Jacksonville, Florida who left their three kids at home to share a fun weekend together.  They were also always the last ones “home” every night, usually around sunrise.  🙂

Our first night’s sleep was very short, but also comfortable.  As soon as the sun started to really shine about 7 a.m., there was so more sleeping for anyone… it was just too d*mn hot.  The music didn’t really get going in Centeroo (where all of the music was) until 2 p.m. everyday so we found ourselves with about 7 hours of tent time to kill each day.  It ended up being some of the best times, actually.  We would all move our chairs every hour to stay in the canopy shade while relaxing, laughing, talking & drinking.  Lots of Honey Nut Cheerios were eaten.  😀  This was also the time where we would take a shower if we so chose to brave the lines.  BTW, if you ever go to Bonnaroo, the showers are totally worth the $7.  Words or pictures can’t even describe how filthy you get there.  The dust was unbelievable, and the smart people walked around with bandanas over their mouth & nose.  Mix that with greasy sunscreen, and you start to turn all shades of dark brown.  Especially your feet!!

Now on to the BEST part of the festival… the music!!!!!!  We were about a 25-30 minute walk from where all of the fun was (Centeroo), but we discovered about a day in that you could take $5 golf cart rides in and out… which turned out to be a life saver on Saturday.   (Click here to see just how big the campgrouds were!)   Here is a quick run-down of the most memorable bands that I saw:  Sleigh Bells, Phosphorescent, Matt + Kim, Ray LaMontagne, My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, Man Man, Mumford & Sons (partially and from a distance), The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield (from a distance), Scissor Sisters (briefly, but awesome), Omar Souleyman (OMG, that was weird), Gogol Bordello (FUN), Pretty Lights (partially, wish I could have seen more!), and of course – Girl Talk.

I had two “magjcal” experiences while at the festival, because no other word could accurately describe the feeling.  The first one was unexpected and just blew my heart and spirit up, and that was My Morning Jacket.  We got fairly close during the duration of their performance while making our way up for Arcade Fire (who was next up on that stage).  What I heard & saw from MMJ can not be described, you just had to be there.  Stars fell from the sky (literally) and the lead singer is an effing rock star.  If I could relive one moment of the whole festival over again, it would be that one.  I only knew one of their songs going in, but that didn’t matter.  It moved me in so many ways.  Click here to watch a clip from the My Morning Jacket concert!

The other magical experience was pretty much all of Saturday night after 11 p.m… and I didn’t get back to my tent until the sun was rising.  If I could do Bonnaroo over again, I would save as much energy as I could for the night performances because the weather was perfect and that’s when people really kicked into high gear.  Girl Talk was the highlight of Saturday night and they were on stage from 2:30-4:45ish.  I’ve never danced that much or that hard in my whole life.  It was the biggest party I’ve ever seen or been a part of.  And I didn’t know a soul!  I was actually there by myself, having the time of my life with complete strangers and acting a complete fool.  I thought my heart was going to explode from happiness!!!!!!  Click here to watch a short clip from the Girl Talk show (warning, explicits).

And finally, the close third in the “magical” experience category – riding the Centeroo ferris wheel while listening to Mumford & Son’s Little Lion Man in the background.  😀  Click here to watch my ferris wheel ride, and click here to see their actual performance of the song. 

Oh and I almost forgot – I literally saw a wedding take place at The Black Keys (photo below) right next to me, and they were all in fairy costumes.  😀 

That’s all I’m gonna say about Bonnaroo.  😀  There was much more that happened, but not enough time to write about it all.  You just need to experience it for yourself in 2012!!   Just remember – clothing optional.