My daily life is a huge contrast compared to a day at a music festival like Bonnaroo.  There were no rules there – almost anything was allowed, except for violence.  You could stay up as late as you wanted, wear what you wanted to (or go naked), an altered state of mind was the norm, amazing music always in the background, good food around every corner and a friend in almost every stranger.  As I prepare to go back to work this morning, I am on a strict schedule again and I’ve managed to plan out my entire week to the last second already… even my off time.  I wish I could find a nice balance between the two, because I loved the freedom and independence of being thrown into a whole new existence.  Sometimes I feel like I am following life in a step-by-step manual instead of forging my own path.  I don’t think our lives are meant to be scripted or predictable.  And right now, I am feeling pretty cookie cutter.

So in light of this revelation, I need some uniqueness in my life.  Changing the way I look seems to be the most attainable thing right off the bat, so maybe a new haircut and some new clothes are in order.  I need to experiment more with how I do day-to-day things as well.  Maybe I will start riding my bike to & from work and stop relying on my iPhone calendar so much to plan my schedule… especially my spare time.  Instead of trying to write my book on a computer, maybe I should write in a notebook for a little while.  Instead of eating lunch at my desk everyday I should go for a walk or draw outside.  Practice yoga, dance more, lay in the grass… just do what I want to do when I want to do it.  I’m sick of anxiety and stress, so it’s time to start being proactive against feeling that way.  So beginning today and for each day of the next month, I am going to do something out of the box that brings me happiness or makes me think.  I wonder what I’ll choose for Day 1?