Today’s post will be brief – as I don’t have a computer to blog from this weekend!!  Both laptops are out of commission, so it’s all about the iPhone for the next few days.

I really feel like I’ve turned a new leaf, and that maybe I’m coming back around the bend.  Yesterday & today have been nothing short of  freeing and full of the bigger picture.  Last night I had dinner with my sister and her fiance David at Avo, then this morning I did a bike/run with my friend Brandi with the Vulcan Triathlete group followed by a fun BBQ.  This afternoon I had drinks with friends, and even made a few new ones.  Tonight we are going to Taylor Hick’s new restaurant in town, Ore, so that will be cool to try out.

I hope your weekend is fabulous!  I promise to write more tomorrow.

Brandi and I after our bike/run!