Remember the good luck bug from yesterday?  Well, he was still hanging out in my bathroom this morning and I returned the good favor by putting him on a leaf outside where he had a better chance of survival.  He’s very lucky that the gigantic spider I found in my shower about a month earlier wasn’t still hanging around!  Call me crazy, but I’m thinkin’ that my parents need to do a little bug spray action.

Today is therapy day, which I’m really excited about.  I’m sure it will do a world of good before the big day tomorrow.  I’ve been so worried about this week/day for months… but now that it’s here, I’m actually feeling pretty good.  It will be nice to have resolution, you know?  I honestly believe that the hardest part is over, and that brighter days are just around the corner.

I am still working through the book that I wrote about a few days ago.  Even though it is relatively short (only 200 pages), there are LOTS of writing exercises that it asks you to do.  It has actually been very helpful and enlightening… but I have to tell ya, after I finish with this I’m not picking up another self-help book for a long time.  Once I do this work, I’m done with living in the past.  I am going to learn my lessons and move on.  From here on out therapy is going to be plenty to keep me going in the right direction.

So to that… I have a toast:

Here’s a toast to the future;
A sigh for the past;
We can love and remember,
And hope to the last,
And for all the base lies,
That the Almanacs hold
While there’s love in the heart,
We can never grow old.