My parent’s house is full this weekend with 5 adults and 2 babies (even though Anna is basically a toddler these days).  There’s lots of laughter, clapping, napping, pooping, and singing going on at almost any given hour of the day.  And LOTS of kid TV… I’ve become more familiar (by force) with popular kid shows this week than ever before.  It made me think back to the shows & movies I loved as a small child – The Last Unicorn movie (hell yes!) and the Care BearsMy Little Pony, & Thunder Cats TV shows.  I don’t know how many of you ever saw The Last Unicorn, but if you haven’t you should.  It’s a beautiful animated movie that we used to watch over and over again at my cousin Catherine’s house and reenact with her toy horse figurines under sheet forts in her living room.  Somehow or another she always got to play the lead role of the unicorn princess… probably because she was the oldest and in-charge.  🙂

Speaking of horses, I always forget about the large role they played in my life while growing up.  When my parents first met, my mom worked for my dad at a farm in north Alabama where she broke horses in for a living (she was 18 at the time).  By the time she was 19 and he was 24, I had arrived.  We continued to live on horse farms until I was in elementary in school, mostly Arabian and in the states of Louisiana and Arizona.  When the horse market crashed in the late 80’s, my dad moved us back to Alabama where he took over the auto shop that he still has to this day (Alabama Auto Tops on 3rd Ave South).  I wonder if my parents miss working with horses… because they never bring it up much.  My cousin Catherine still has horses to this day.  I guess she ended up being The Last Unicorn, after all.

The Last Unicorn

My mom, Jamie, competing in a jumping competition when she was a teenager.