I will be speaking on two blog panels this month, so if you are in town maybe you can catch one or both!  The first is So You Think You Can Blog put on by See Jane Write at the Homewood Public Library on Thursday, July 28.  Click here to learn more or to register for this free event.  The second panel is for the PRSA’s All Things Social conference at the Jeff State Hoover Campus on Tuesday, July 12.  Click here to learn more or to register for ATS.  I hope to see some of you at one or both!  Should be fun. 

Do you know what I love the most about this time of year in the south?  The fruit.  It’s blackberry & peach season, two of my absolute favorites!  You can also easily find local blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & watermelon.  Someone at work brought me freshly picked blackberries earlier this week and they were eaten within the hour.  They remind me of my childhood in Hayden where we had blackberry bushes all over the place and my mom would make cobblers, jams and pies out of them.  We would pick the berries by the basket together as a family then watch her make whatever creation she chose.  Happy memories.  Last night while eating at Chez Lulu in English Village with my mom and dad, we split a slice of blackberry pie a la mode… and it was heaven. 

I am really looking forward to a long run this morning outside in the heat.  That probably sounds miserable to most people, but I love a good sweat.  I have a route mapped out that includes two water stops so I stay hydrated & safe.  I’ve done mostly indoor workouts this week due to my knee being a tad sore, so I am really craving some sunshine right about now.  Later on today I may join a friend at the pool for my fake Jamaican escape.  🙂  Please pass the coconut rum!