The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Is anyone else watching the Tour de France?  It’s like crack.  Every year I’m glued to the TV watching each stage for 21 days straight.  I really don’t have a favorite, I just enjoy watching the dynamics of group cycling… the teamwork, the crashes (there was a HUGE one yesterday), the unfolding plot lines, all of it.  Of course if Lance were racing this year I’d be rooting for him because he will always be my #1.  There’s just something about that man.  Sighhhh.  At least he seems to appear in every other commercial during the breaks.  🙂  My running buddies Vero & Brandi are in Europe right now (Belgium to be exact), so I wonder if they will be able to catch a glimpse of the tour.  If so, I am forever envious!!

I think today is going to be another pool day, hopefully followed by dinner with friends later on this evening.  I actually have to go to work tomorrow for at least a half-day, so nothing too wild & crazy.  There are several 4th of July parties going on tomorrow night, so I will hit up one or two of those as well to watch Thunder on the Mountain!  Overall this holiday weekend has been pretty low-key & chill. 

My pool buddy for the weekend. 🙂

Pool time!

The Lily Bean came to visit me in my room this morning.