On this very day 26 years ago while living in Lafayette, Louisiana, my 2nd sister Rachel made her grand entrance into this world.  It was July 4th, 1985, and our family was just going about having a normal 4th of July… even though my mom was due on that exact date.  A few days before we talked about Rachel’s future name in the car, luckily overriding my dad who wanted to name her Liberty.  🙂  That evening after an early dinner, it seemed that she wasn’t going to make her appearance.  We had all eaten too many ribs & burgers and were watching the fireworks light up the night sky.  Then it happened, my mom said she needed to go to the hospital because she was in labor.  My sister Christy and I were stuck with the babysitter on stand-by, then my parents rushed off and Rachel was born only a few hours later… just in time for the holiday.  When Rachel was younger, we always told her that the fireworks and celebration were in her honor.  She was the sweetest child and it just made your heart explode to see her smile.  Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

I hope everyone has a safe & fun 4th of July.  I am heading off to work for a little while, then coming home early this afternoon for a good workout before all of the festivities begin.  I see ribs in my future!!!  🙂

Mid 90's. 🙂

Stalking Rachael Ray.

Tea cake time! 🙂 Rachel is very concerned.

Rachel & I with our Sneeters. 🙂