Weigh-In Wednesday #66 – 149.6

Last night I got to go inside of my little carriage house to do some measuring & planning.  Over the next week or so I can start moving some things in, then by the last week of July I can actually start staying there.  It’s just the most adorable place, and I am so lucky that the timing worked out as well as it did to have it.  The plan is to get the carpets professionally cleaned over the next week or so, replace the linoleum flooring in the kitchen, fix up the bathroom upstairs, then finally paint anything that needs a splash of color.  The feature I love most about the place is that even though it’s really just two large rooms, it feels so much bigger b/c it is two stories.  It seems easier to break up the energy by just going upstairs or downstairs, you know?  The feature I like the least is the window units, but upon visiting the space again they really aren’t that bad.  I’m going to find some wooden blinds for the windows that are the same color, so less attention will be draw to the units themselves. 

Last night while trying to fall asleep, my mind was racing with thoughts about living on my own again.  I used to love living by myself, as I really enjoyed the freedom it gave me.  I could regulate the food available, watch what I wanted, go to sleep when I wanted, hang the toilet paper the way I wanted… etc.  Living with a partner/loved one is also a great experience in its own way, and one that I’ll miss.  But I’m sure I will have that again when it is the right time.  I’ve never been in a better head space to really get the most out of living on my own, so I plan to take full advantage of that.  Sometimes when you “share” things for a long period of time, you forget what it is that you really need.  I’m sure there will be many times when I feel lonely, but I hope they are far outnumbered by the moments of true happiness and peace.