Weigh-In Wednesday #67 – 150.4

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how to find a missing indoor cat?  She probably escaped through the front door sometimes yesterday morning, but it wasn’t noticed until late last night.  We were up at 1 a.m. last night crawling the streets calling “treats!”, “here kitty kitty” and “Sammy Jo”.  Her name might as well be treats, because that is the only thing she responds to anyway.  She used to be an outdoor kitty a few years back (at a different house), so we are hoping that she just returns on her own in the next few days. Fingers crossed.

Today I am heading with my family to Athens, Alabama, for my Aunt Laura’s funeral.  She was an amazing woman who passed away too soon after a long battle with lung cancer.  I will always remember the encouraging and empowering comments that she left on my blog while I was losing weight last year.  She will be missed by a lot of people who dearly loved her on this earth.

In other news – I think I had one of my most successful public speaking events yet yesterday!  Most of you know that I’m pretty terrified of talking in front of a group.  Well, yesterday morning I was invited to speak as part of a PRSA conference panel on Social Media Hot Topics & Trends… and I felt calm & confident throughout the whole hour.  Maybe panels are the way to go for me, since you are only required to speak up on things you know something about.  Even so, I found myself having a lot to say and having unique ideas to contribute to the conversation.  Social media is something that I’m really good at and have a strong instinct for doing well.  It’s really fun to be on the forefront of such an ever-changing field.

RIP Laura Anne Thompson West, June 25, 1946 - July 10, 2011.