It was so warm & muggy on my run this morning with Vero that I mistakenly thought raindrops were falling from the sky onto my forearms, but instead it was sweat from my face.  🙂  Until today I haven’t been on a run with Vero since before her & Brandi’s two-week trip to Europe, and tomorrow all three of us will finally be back together again (along with Nathan, our token male).

I’ve given my road bike to my sister for 2 weeks so she can get used to clipping in and out of the pedals before she buys her own. If you’ve never “clipped in” before, it just means that you wear specialized bike shoes that attach to the pedals so you use your muscles more efficiently.  It takes some getting used to, b/c that also means that you have to “clip out” relatively fast… especially if you are falling over.  🙂  Once you get the hang of it though, you’ll never go back.

While my sister has my bike, I am going to focus more on my running, swimming and cardiovascular endurance.  I’ll probably go to a few spin classes each week too to keep my legs fresh. After my sister’s triathlon on July 29, I’ll get my bike back and start riding on the road again in preparation for the Augusta Half Ironman in late September.

I got the key to my new place this morning!  This weekend my goal is to paint the walls & fix up the upstairs bathroom.  Early next week I’ll get the carpets cleaned & lay down the linoleum in the kitchen, then next weekend I’ll start moving some things over.  It’s all happening so fast!

No update on our missing kitty, Sammy Jo.  Mike and I had four cats together – Sammy Jo, Baby Kitty, Kitten, and Captain Kitty.  Captain Kitty came with our house and is in very poor health, so she probably won’t make it to the move.  Mike was going to take Sammy Jo (because she adores him), and I was going to take Baby Kitty & Kitten since they are the dynamic duo.  I have a very strong feeling that Sammy Jo is going to come back in the next few days, but if she doesn’t, then we may need to think about our cat custody again.  Splitting up the “babies” has been one of the hardest things to figure out for us since we both love each one so much.