Sammy Jo has been found!!  While making “missing” posters yesterday with Mike to pass out in the neighborhood, I randomly decided to walk outside and just call her name for the 100th time.  But this time I got a response.  A faint “meow?” came from the bushes on the side of the house.  I called her name again, and she followed with a loud “MEOW!”… as in “save me fools!”.  You would have thought that I had rescued Mike’s long-lost child to see his face light up when he saw her for the first time.  🙂  It was a happy reunion, indeed.  We’ll never know where she went for those 2 1/2 days or what adventures she had, but all that matters is that she is safely indoors again where she can have her treats everyday.

Have you guys heard/read about the story of the Alabama woman going for the Appalachian Trail speed record (for both men & women)?  If not, click here to read the blog written by her husband as she goes for this amazing test of strength & endurance.  She is averaging 43.5 miles per day, and she is halfway through the challenge on day 24 (as we speak).  How’s that for some inspiration on your Friday?  There is a great article about her today in The Birmingham News that my dad just happened to show me while I was leaving for my morning run.  Here is one of her best quotes: “My previous AT hike in 2008 taught me that setting a record wasn’t about being fast or strong.  It is all about fortitude, intelligence and perseverance.  The fact that women give birth and live longer than guys makes me think that we might even have an evolutionary edge.”  Hear, hear!  I think I have a new hero.

Speaking of the Appalachian Trail, my mother (knowing that I was writing this post today) highly recommends a book called A Walk in the Woods by Billy Bryson. She says it’s a great read and full of really funny stories.  Click here to read more about it on!

Mike & Sammy Jo.