It’s paint day!!  Well first it is sleep late day, take my time day, write my blog day, run day… THEN after lunch it’s officially paint day.  😀  I went to Home Depot yesterday after work to grab some paint swatches so I can figure out my color palette for the whole place.  Here is the official plan:  paint this weekend through Wednesday, get the carpets cleaned next Thursday, have someone come out next Friday to install the kitchen floor & take down the wallpaper in the bathroom, then next weekend paint the bathroom and do any other last-minute touches before I move in the following week.  I am also going to paint a mural or two as time allows from some photographs I took a few years ago.  I’m looking forward to some alone time & good tunes as I work away.

Color Options

This is the first mural I will do, probably on the downstairs wall with no windows. It is a photo that I took at the Botanical Gardens about two years ago.

Line ideas from a winter photograph I took a few years ago.

I would like to paint this RR sign somewhere with Sloss faintly in the background.