I am starting this week off by having a rest day from exercise.  I’ve worked extra hard for the past few days and it’s time for a break.  That, plus painting walls is exhausting in of itself.  I’m still not even done with the downstairs yet!  I’m glad I got a head start so I have plenty of time to get it all done.  I was wondering yesterday how people who paint for a living keep both sides of their body equally strong, because I used my right arm to do most of the work.  Seems like you would eventually have one arm considerably stronger than the other.

Sometimes when I am tired (like today) I battle with feeling a little down. It’s not that I feel sad, but I definitely don’t feel like my usual happy self.  It makes me feel more emotional than usual and a little less optimistic.  My body has also been telling me that it’s stressed in different ways, the most prominent being the rosacea on my face. So it’s time to take it easy for a day or two (besides the painting, of course!) and get some extra zzzz’s. I think that 7 mile run yesterday especially did me in.

I can’t believe that August is only 2 weeks away and that 2011 is halfway over!  Despite the feeling that time goes by way too fast these days, I would never want to turn back the clock.  Now if you could turn back the body clock or even reverse it, that I might be a fan of.  🙂  I don’t think life experiences are meant to be lived more than once.  If you don’t get the message or point the first time around, believe me, life has a way of making it happen to you again in some form or fashion until you get it right.  However, with all of that being said, do you ever feel like you are having a real deja vu moment?  I do… and when it happens it genuinely feels like I have done this before in the same exact circumstances.  I don’t know how you explain that phenomenon, but I think it just goes to show that there is something more to us than we realize.  It’s naive to think that we know everything we are capable of, or the powers that exist beyond our comprehension.  And I’m not talking about religion or God, but those could also be part of the equation.  I honestly think that if we could find a way to tap into our own intuition and subconscious knowledge, a whole new world & perspective would exist for us.