Cool news:  I just found out that they will be showing some of my before/after photos on Good Morning America Friday morning as part of a Carb Lovers Diet segment! 😀  There was some talk about filming as well, but these types of shows have budgets and I’m a little out-of-the-way.  I am expensive to get to, and expensive to get there.  It would have been really fun to go to New York again!  I will let you guys know more as I do, or if anything changes.  I’m glad to see that the diet is getting more national coverage since it really is a great lifestyle for losing weight.

I finished painting the whole downstairs last night, all on my own!  It is looking really good.  However, I think I am allergic to the carpet or something as I have a strange welts on my legs.  May go to the doctor today to check it out since they don’t seem to be going away on their own.  Honestly I would love to just replace the carpet all together since it is a funky color, but at some point you have to draw the line on your investment in a rental property.  I am getting a really good deal on the rent though, so it all evens out for both parties.  I am happy to invest the time & energy into a place that I will be in living in.

It’s going to be nice, and surreal, to finally be out of my parents house after these last few months.  I’ve been living in a limbo land in many different ways, just waiting for everything to fall into place.  It is easy to take for granted the freedom of living independently until it is taken away from you.  I do love my parents very, very much and appreciate their help through our divorce… but it is soooo time to be on my own again!  🙂

Good Morning America