Weigh-In Wednesday #68 – 150.2

At my “day job” I hear lots of stories about sick & injured children, some of which who don’t make it.  One of these kids was the nephew of a good friend of mine, and he passed away from a rare bone cancer last week at the young age of 16.  While I never met him face to face, I followed his journey through the ups and downs.  He had so many hopes and dreams, some of which he got to do before he left this earth.  While talking with his aunt a few days ago, she told me that so many people waste their life living without a purpose.  She felt like it wasn’t fair that such a young boy was robbed of precious time that he would have used every second of.  And it’s true, it isn’t fair.  But we can all take a cue from him and be grateful for every moment that we have.  I know my friend is, in her nephew’s honor.

I had a eureka this morning.  I realized that if I could find peace in my life exactly the way it is right this second, then there is no reason why I couldn’t have it all the time.  It’s all about acceptance of the way things are, not how they should or could be.  Everything just is.  I am here, living and breathing, happy and healthy, loved and accepted, lucky and alive.