Things happen fast around here – instead of just showing photos on Good Morning America, they decided to do a quick interview after all!  I got a phone call at 11 a.m., and we were shooting by 2 p.m… no bikini this time around.  Well, except for my before & after photos.  🙂  It is set to air tomorrow (Friday) morning.  It could literally be 7 seconds or 30, we will just have to see what they decide to do.  It’s all on the Carb Lovers Diet and how it worked for me.  Woohoo!!  It’s fun when exciting things like that happen out of the blue.

I need to take some time here and really thank a coworker who renovates homes for giving me some stellar advice a few days ago.  Kathy Briscoe, you are the bestest of the restest!!!  I was so sick (literally and figuratively) over that stupid green carpet a few days ago that I couldn’t even see straight.  She happens to read my blog and decided to pay me a visit on Monday afternoon in my office.  She simply said, rip it up.  I told her that I would but there was concrete on the bottom floor, and I had no idea what was underneath the rest of the house.  She said that she’s worked with concrete many times, and it can make a spectacular floor when treated & painted (and most importantly, inexpensive).  She told me too that the rest of the house was probably just base boards, and that I could treat & paint those as well for a nice clean look.  I felt like someone had lifted the world off of my shoulders right then & there!  Last night I went balls to the walls and took out every bit of carpet out myself… and wouldn’t you know that it already looks 10 x’s better!  It is going to take a little bit of work to really clean the floors before painting them, but I can totally tell that this was the way to go.  The stairs especially look awesome with this new look.  Boo carpet, yay wood!  (That’s what she said…)

Ugly carpet & tile, you are going down!!

She's going in... can you tell I'm smiling?

Success! Well, this was only about halfway through... but you get the point. 🙂 I think wearing my Half Ironman shirt was appropriate for this feat.