OhhhhhhhhhhEmmmmmmmmGeeeeeeeeeeee… as I type this I am waiting on pins and needles to see the Carb Lovers Good Morning America segment!!!  The producers wrote me yesterday to say that it would air between 8:10 & 8:25 Eastern Time, so I just assumed that meant an hour before for us in Central.  Well, just like the time zones… they air the show exactly an hour back so it ends up being the same time here.  Now I have another 45 minutes or so before I can see it. 

(Flash forward 50 minutes…)  YAY!!  I did good, but it was so fast!  And that “before” photo was really, really funny.  😀  Good times.  I am really glad that my sister warned me about it being a part of a fad diet segment, with Carb Lovers being the only non-fad at the end.  We were the heroes!  If I had watched that segment not knowing the point, I may have had a heart attack when they started talking about injections and the baby food diet.  I never want to be affiliated with something unhealthy or unsustainable, which is why I picked Carb Lovers to begin with.  It is just so amazing to be not only at my goal weight, but able to maintain it with relative ease.

*UPDATE* – You can now watch the GMA Carb Lovers Diet segment online here: http://t.co/8ZG0KfH

In celebration, I am off of work today!  Mostly so I can work on my carriage house.  I have to pull up carpet boards & tile, then clean the whole place top to bottom.  My dad is going to help me sand the concrete floor tomorrow, then I will prep it to paint after that.  There is a lot of work to be done this weekend!  Tomorrow I am going to post a Flickr gallery with a lot of the photos I’ve taken thus far and will continue to take as I finish it over the next week or so.  It’s going to be a complete transformation.

For my female friends here in the Birmingham area who have a blog or are interesting in making one, I hope to see you next Thursday (the 28th) at So You Think You Can Blog by See Jane Write!  I will be on the panel along with Rachel Callahan (Grasping for Objectivity) and Laura Kate Whitney (Magic City Manifesto).  Read more about the Birmingbelles by clicking here, or sign up for the free blogging event next week via this link!  Girl power.