Sometimes I wonder why I love exercise so much.  I even question if I do it too frequently, or wonder if I have something to prove by doing it.  But then I hear an amazing song on the radio that makes me want to move my body, or I watch an event like the Tour de France and see the stage winner’s faces as they cross the finish line first… that’s when I know that it’s much more than that.  Exercise is the spirit coming to the surface wanting to express itself through joy & movement.  The body wants to be used.  Sitting behind a desk or in front of a TV all day isn’t going to cut it.  You will never experience the exhilaration and fulfillment it provides if you don’t get out there and so something physical.  Something that gets your heart racing.  Dancing, cycling, walking, running, strength training… any of these will get the job done.  It isn’t always pleasant at first, especially when you’ve been inactive for a long time, but like riding a bike your body will start to remember and reward you for letting it be free.

I read something interesting this week about how to have internal dialog with yourself.  So many of us have become our own worst bully, saying discouraging & hurtful things to ourselves.  We’ve all done it at some point, some more than others.  The thing I read said that you should never say something to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a small child.  We are no less vulnerable to negative words than someone who is 5 years old, especially when it is coming from the most important person of all – yourself.  If I was standing in front of a child version of myself right at this very moment I would tell her that she is smart, beautiful, full of excellent potential, and that everything is going to be more than OK.  And her/my response is a great big smile.  There’s a lot of comfort in believing in yourself.