Weigh-In Wednesday #69  (a day late) – 149.4

Happy 500th blog post day!!!!  😀  It’s hard to believe that I’ve written that many entries, but on the other hand… it totally feels like it.  Please don’t confuse it with 500 consecutive days, because there are a handful of times that I wrote twice in one day.  However, I’m sure that anniversary is coming up in the next week or so too.  I wonder how many other crazy people, like myself, have committed to writing every single day?  I think this blog is a great example of what you can build over time if you take it day by day instead of looking at a bigger goal.  If someone had told me that I would make it to 500 when I started, it would have overwhelmed me and it would have seemed like a sh*t ton of work.  But, it really hasn’t been a lot of work.  What it has been is highly rewarding and pretty effing amazing.  And unless I’m rendered unconscious or move on to another existence, I’m not stopping any time soon.

I have a random theory, and it doesn’t apply to all who do this, but maybe about 70%.  Have you ever noticed that there are some people who are completely outspoken & outgoing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), then when you physically see them in person they are completely the opposite?  I think social media allows us to be more like who we really are, because the risks of being rejected for being yourself are much, much lower (and if you are rejected in some capacity, it hurts less because it has the security of distance).  If only we could take that courage and transparency and apply it to face-to-face communications we’d be so much closer to being our authentic selves.  Don’t you think?  I go to a lot of social media conferences & functions, so I notice this phenomenon first hand quite a lot.  I see a lot of beautiful people who only show and express themselves online, and turn into a wall when communicating in person.  I’m sure I’m guilty of it too, sometimes.  Just something to ponder.