If you get the chance today, you should click this link and check out my friend Will Nevin’s weight loss story today on CNN.com. Will finished losing 175 pounds earlier this year, and is good buddies with my friend Stephen Vinson.  They both crossed the Mercedes Half Marathon finish line together in February, a very emotional sight to see (read my post on this here).  Way to go Will!  You can also read his blog here.

Last night I was on the panel for So You Think You Can Blog with two awesome women – Rachel Callahan (Grasping for Objectivity) and Laura Kate Whitney (Magic City Manifesto).  (And of course Javacia Bowser (Georgia Mae) who put the whole event together and is also the brains behind See Jane Write.)  Rachel is super smart and Laura is incredibly funny.  I learned a lot from hearing both of them talk.  We also had the treat of listening to Trish Bogdanchik of BirminghamMommy.com discuss ways to monetize your blog.  There are so many talented women bloggers (and writers, for that matter) here in Birmingham.  Last night made me really proud to be a part of this community.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m in the same league as these ladies, but I’m not telling on myself anytime soon.

It’s the big move-in weekend!!  Well, not really.  I highly doubt I will be finished painting… so it will more than likely be piece by piece next week as I can get to it after work.  My goal is to be completely done with picking up a brush or a roller as of Sunday, though.  If I see another can of paint anytime soon after that I can’t be help accountable for my actions.  😀  I’ll post more photos this weekend of the progress, it’s going to look completely different in there!

After the talk last night, I got several inquiries about writing a book based on my experiences in The Jen West Quest from people who had no idea that it was already in consideration.  It was very affirming and inspiring to hear others suggest it.  For those of you who follow my blog often, you know that I’ve struggled with the commitment.  Deep down though, I know that the fire will be lit when it’s the right time to take it on.  I’m not there quite yet, but it’s in the near future…