I look tired, I feel tired, I am tired.  And it seems like I’m not the only one whose life is just GO! GO! GO! right now.  Maybe it’s because the summer is coming to an end and schools are starting back this week & next. Our events season and programs are starting to kick up again at work, so that means my job is pretty busy right now.  On the home front, I made some major progress last night and finished painting the whole bedroom.  All that’s left to do now is trim work (a little upstairs, but mostly downstairs) and I can start painting the floors, which is the very last step.  Luckily we have some flexibility on when we have to move our things out of our current house, so I’m sure I’ll move stuff this weekend & next.  The renovation has definitely taken a lot longer than I expected, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!  I can’t imagine trying to do what I’ve done to a whole house… that would take soooooooooo much more work and time.  I guess that’s why people hire professionals to help them.  🙂  By doing the work myself I’ve been able to buy things for the carriage house that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.  Photos soon, I promise!

I’ve had to put exercise on a back burner for the last two weeks, so I am really beginning to question doing the Half Ironman in Augusta in late September.  I haven’t completely dismissed it, but I am giving myself some flexibility in case I am not ready physically.  I would only have 7 weeks to train, but honestly it sounds like a lot of fun to not have a rigorous training schedule this time around.  😀  My body trains back up fairly quickly as long as I take caution with my knee.  My next exercise goals will be to try again for the marathon next February, then follow it up with the Half Ironman in New Orleans in April.  Those are my two staple races!

After doing some research, I’ve discovered that you can stay up to 90 days in Europe without needing any sort of visa.  If I left with a solid outline, I think that would be plenty of time to write my book.  The question is, how do I raise the money needed to stay there that long?  I would need to have a solid financial and business plan in place for the trip & a predetermined time afterwards to really make it happen.  Next fall is seeming like a great time to do this.  And maybe I can make two dreams happen at once – working in Italy on book, then returning to live in New York.  This is not out of the realm of possibility if I can sell my idea.  Good thing I have some time to mull it over and then make it happen, if that is in fact the direction I’d like to take my life in.