I keep forgetting about Weigh-In Wednesday… so once again, I’m doing it on Thursday! – WW #70: 150.6

Can you believe it’s been 70 weeks since I’ve started doing this???  I sure can’t.  Another self high-five for being a rock star.

For aspiring authors in the Birmingham area, the Birmingham Public Library is holding a great brown bag lunch series that you should check out.  I went to the first one yesterday with the editor of PYR Books and learned a great deal about the book industry.  The free talks are every Wednesday during the month of August from 12 – 1.  Click here to read a little more about next week’s topic & speaker.

Do you ever walk into a building and just feel like it’s haunted?  I’ve felt that way every time I walk into the older building of the library, Linn-Henley Research Library, where all of the older books and city records are located.  The second you walk in it feels like you are transported to another century by the smells of paper and old marble.  Touching an old book even has its own special energy, like you’ve been privileged enough to become a part of history by reading it.  It’s one of my favorite places in Birmingham, especially the section with the old Alabama books on the 1st floor.  I’ve often thought about what it’d be like to spend the night there.  Which makes me wonder, do ghosts read?

Several friends have asked me if I am still planning on painting the mural in my new place, and the answer is that I’m not sure yet.  It will have to be after I move everything in at this point, which is actually pretty smart since I will get to see where all of the furniture ends up.  I’d still love to do it, if I’m not sick of paint by then.  😀