I went for my first run in 2 1/2 weeks yesterday, and it felt faaaaaabulous.  🙂  I’ve been so busy renovating lately that I haven’t had the energy to do much else.  This may sound backwards, but I am proud for giving myself some slack when I needed it.  I was actually worried that I would have lost some of my fitness, and while that might be the case, I was still able to go out and run a little over 3 miles yesterday after work with no problem.  As long as I have that for a base I can build back up to whatever I want to do with relative ease.  I am also making the official decision to not do the Augusta Half Ironman in September due to my lack of ability to train for the past month.  And even more than that, I just don’t feel like it.  😀  Who is this person talking???  I will pick up training again in October for the February marathon, followed by the New Orleans Half Ironman in New Orleans that I do annually.  What a load off my back… now I can just sit back and enjoy the upcoming fall season!  As far as exercise in the meantime, I am going to aim for 3-5 cardio sessions a week of 30-45 minutes, maybe with one longer session of 45-60 minutes thrown in as well.  Just enough to maintain my cardio base while having fun.  And it is true, I love to exercise as long as it doesn’t start to exhaust me in other areas of life.  I also know it’s important to keep up my strength training, so I am going to make an effort to do that at least twice a week as well.

I have a little story for you today about a painting in my house.  As you might recall from the photos yesterday, there is a painting in my bedroom of yellow trees going off in the distance with one bright blue one standing out like a sore thumb.  I painted this from a dream I had while in college.  During said dream, I was in the backseat of a car with my head pressed against the glass looking out of the window.  Everything from my view looked the same – yellow sky, yellow grass, yellow trees, yellow road, all yellow.  I can’t recall who was driving the car or who else was sitting with me, but it seems like it might have been my family.  Anyway, as I was staring at this world of yellow a fantastic blue tree came out of nowhere and caught my eye.  It was beautiful and different.  Since we were in a moving car I only had a few minutes to look at it, but it was enough.  I knew from the second I saw it that it represented me.  I was the blue tree.  It filled me with such happiness that I immediately painted this picture based on what I could remember from the dream.  What’s ironic is that I never actually finished it, as it’s only about halfway done.  But it gets the message across, and reminds me that I am a unique person every time I see it.

The Blue Tree