Yay for Saturday, so glad this day is here.  I slept in this morning and in a few minutes I say farewell to my sister & her family as they head back to Columbus, GA.  My plans for the rest of the day are pretty up in the air.  I think I will probably head to the bookstore at some point (thanks to all of you who left suggestions on my Facebook wall!) and tonight I am heading to a local play that some friends are performing in.  Also on the agenda for the weekend is to watch my last two Sidewalk film screeners for Wade Kwon of Magic City Post so I can finish writing the reviews.  I’m also thinking of heading out for a run today at some point and catching a nap.  🙂  Perfect plans for a great weekend – books, movies and relaxation.  If I feel like it, I might even start drawing out that mural in the bedroom behind my bed.

I am pretty in love with my house.  I find myself sitting in different spots just looking around and feeling happy.  It has so much positive energy.  I wonder where it came from, because it definitely wasn’t there when I first saw the place.   I guess when you put so much time and love into a home it returns it back to you two-fold.  If you pay attention to it, it will pay attention to you.  Either way, I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful placed to live in.

On top of feeling good I can see myself doing certain things while living there, sort of like positive visualizations.  I can see myself at my desk in the bedroom writing & painting away,  I can see myself watching episodes of Sex and the City in the living room with a glass of wine, and I can see myself coming and going from runs outside.  It is actually going to be pretty cool living in an alley with all of the privacy.  It creates a form of intimacy, almost like being in Europe.  The little stone walls and broken up pathways make it unique and full of personality.

I hope your weekend is pleasant & wonderful.  See you tomorrow!