Each experience we have is a part of a larger picture, kind of like a pieces of a puzzle.  While blindly putting together a large puzzle, it is hard to know what the final image is going to look like.  Some pieces are jagged, some pieces are smooth.  Some reveal smaller images within the bigger picture.  Some pieces are obviously on the edge, and four will always be the corners.  Sometimes your cat goes crazy and scatters parts that were already put together, making you start over.  When you are done, looking at your final puzzle, sometimes you wish you were still working on it.  You miss the hard parts, and you miss the easy parts.  All you know now is that you are finished and it is time to move on to the next one.  I wonder, do the puzzles get harder or easier as we go along?  I guess each puzzle is different, bringing its own unique lessons.  It’s kind of fun to imagine that each puzzle comes together in the end as part of the great storyboard of our lives.  Each piece meaningful and every puzzle a chapter in a beautiful story.