It feels like heaven outside this morning here in Birmingham, AL!  While on my run yesterday afternoon I swear I could feel fall approaching in the wind.  Don’t get me wrong it’s still hot as hell here, but it is always very apparent when the seasons are starting to change.  Fall is my very favorite time of year.  It brings back memories of high school football season when I was in the band.  There was always so much excitement in the air that despite the fact that I didn’t really care about football, I loved everything else that came along with it.  People’s spirits always seemed lifted and there was a tangible happiness in the air.  Now that I am older the fall brings different things like the Sidewalk Film Festival, Artwalk and Halloween.  And there is also another special thing coming up on October 6… my one year anniversary of losing weight!  Wowza.  I will need to find a special way to celebrate that for sure.

I feel especially sentimental in the fall, though I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because of all the happy memories I’ve had during this time of year.  As someone who is usually looking forward to something, special events in the past always hold a special place in my heart.  It’s so strange to me how we can’t stop the clock when things are going just the way we’d like them to.  That we can’t hold on to an important moment as it’s happening.  And what’s especially frustrating is that we don’t recognize the happiness when it is actually occurring, instead we only see and feel it clearly upon reflection.   There are many things that I will miss in my past that bring a smile to my face and an ache to my heart.  If only we could DVR our life so we could jump back and forth to the good parts.

So, I feel excitement and also reservation that fall is almost here again.  I’m pretty sure that I will experience the whole range of emotions during the course of the season as old memories pop up and new ones are formed.  This will be a great time to put into practice some of the “living in the now” and “authentic self” practices that I’ve been learning over the past few months.  I just need to remember that all we ever have is this moment… so live & breathe it!