For most of us relationships make up the majority of our lives.  Relationships that are significant, and relationships that are not so significant.  Some of us are really good at relating and communicating with others, while some struggle with it.  Have you ever thought about what life would be like without other people?  There are definitely some that I could live without seeing or hearing from again, but there are countless others that I treasure and adore.  But there is no perfect relationship, that’s for sure.  Actually, I think the more comfortable you are to openly struggle with someone sometimes signifies a stronger bond… especially if the two people are able reach their happy place soon afterwards.  Relationships are about honesty, trust and respect.  I don’t know what made me think about this topic this morning, but I have a hunch.  Since getting a divorce, other relationships are starting to take a bigger role in my life again.  For example – friendships and family.  I feel like I need things from other people that I can’t give myself sometimes.  Companionship, love, comfort, acknowledgement… just someone to relate to in general.  Someone to laugh & share stories with.  Someone who will just listen to you.  On the other hand, I rely much less on these relationships than in the past to make myself feel good.  I think I am extremely capable of comforting and loving myself.  I don’t “need” someone else to make me happy.  But there is still a lot of value in having a strong bond with another human being.  It’s everything, actually.