ex·cite Verb/ikˈsīt/
1. Cause strong feelings of enthusiasm and eagerness in (someone)

I have decided that I use too many exclamation points.(!!!)  I know it’s annoying when I see other people do it, but I just can’t seem to end a sentence on Facebook without one.  I guess I’m trying to show my enthusiasm and I know IRL (in real life) I end almost every spoken word with an implied sense of excitement and happiness.  People must want to kill me.  It would be really funny to just go through one whole day using only periods and talking in a monotone voice.  However, it might be too alarming to some to stop cold turkey.  🙂  Maybe I will slowly ease out of my excitement.

Last night was the kick-off party for Birmingham Restaurant Week, for which I will be blogging in the next several days.  Here are the restaurants I will be profiling (not necessarily in this order):  Ted’s, Wine Loft, Garden Café, Café de Paris and Little Savannah.  I am trying to take a healthy spin on my reviews, but I know that some of these places specialize in yummy southern goodness… so I might slip up and have a bite of banana pudding or two.  The first review I’m going to do is for Ted’s Restaurant, which I’m particularly excited about since I’ve known the Greek family who runs it since I was a small child.  It’s a meat & three with southern & greek fare, good for the soul and stomach.

Tonight is the BIG night… my friend Chez Knox Rox and I get to see Phosphorescent, Neko Case and My Morning Jacket(!!) in Tuscaloosa for the tornado benefit concert.  I actually screamed a little when I woke up this morning while still lying in bed.  I. Can’t. Wait.

Me with my longtime friends Kevin, James & Clay. (Geez I am so tall.)

Look, I'm a foodie!

Birmingham Restaurant Week Kick-Off Party