When does age become relative?  After 25, or even 30?  The older I get myself the more I want to bump up the club entrance age.  It was so weird being around all of the college kids on Friday night in Tuscaloosa.  Chez and I kept noticing how much different we were compared to the crowd, and we immediately attributed that to our age.  But in hindsight, I think we are just a different breed.  I honestly don’t feel like I will ever be what I considered “old” as a younger person.  I think it is less common in our area, but it is definitely possible to keep an essence of youthfulness indefinitely.  I think it is related to your stress levels, appreciation for life and the instinct to really live.  I also think it is related to how well you take care of yourself.  If you care about the way you look then you will always put off a certain vibe that is attractive to others.

Speaking of the way you look, I’ve been thinking lately what I could change about myself just to shake things up a little bit.  I honestly can’t think of anything on my body that I would want different, which is an amazing feeling.  I could stand to have some new clothes & shoes though, so that is on the agenda for this week… especially with Sidewalk fast approaching.  I may even get an updated hair cut while I’m at it.

I’ve got lots of writing to do this morning for various projects, so I’m about to get to it.  Plus I’d like to go for a longer run today and possibly volunteer at the Sidewalk office if my help is needed.  It’s been a pretty laid back weekend, just what I needed!