Since I don’t have a working computer in my home at the moment, every morning after getting ready for work I drive up to my mom & dad’s house to write in my blog.  My parents are usually sitting on the front porch reading the daily newspaper in the cool air.  My mom always offers me a smoothie, and this week I’ve been taking her up on it.  It’s made from fresh blueberries, mango, bananas, fat-free greek yogurt, flax-seed, ice and fat-free milk.  And it’s delicious.  Sometimes she even adds grounded up walnuts with just enough texture for a bite every now and then.  Yum.

I can actually see my carriage house from their living room window where I write.  When I’m thinking about what I want to say, I always look out the window and look at the sky.  My parents usually (but not always…) disappear at this point b/c they know I can’t concentrate with noise or people in the background.  🙂 I love this peaceful routine.

Even though things are pretty busy at work and with extracurricular activities, I’m finding that I have more and more “me” time.  I guess it’s because I finally have a place to call my own.  I love sitting in my bedroom at night listening to Pandora while reading a book or doing some sort of quiet activity.  I really love my new home.

I’ve even started to take on solitary runs.  For over a year I ran at least several times a week with my running buddies, who I dearly miss.  But it’s been good for me to have that alone time.  Like most people, I go through exercise phases where I feed off the energy of a group then other times I just enjoy the company of myself.  I do the same thing with music, sometimes I must have it while working out and sometimes I can’t stand it.  Right now I am enjoying as little noise as possible.

Just FYI, in case you haven’t noticed, this week is going to be a little different from most on my blog.  I’ve got a total of 5 B’ham Restaurant Reviews to do and I’m also going to be talking a whole lot about the Sidewalk Film Festival since that’s all I’m living & breathing.  Next week all systems will return to normal!