Weigh-In Wednesday #73: 148.8

So funny… I checked my blog dashboard this morning before writing my post and my hits were much higher than usual for this time of day.  Then I noticed I had a few new comments that had to be moderated, and they were all from Sweden.  😀  They mentioned that the Rachael Ray Show aired there yesterday, so they were all visiting for the first time.  So, hello to my new Swedish friends!!  Please come back and visit often.

I’ve been meaning to talk about being a “non-writer” writer for a while.  For those of you who read on a regular basis (especially those who subscribe to my blog) you know that I have typos from time to time and my grammar is probably less than perfect.  I end up correcting things throughout the day that I’ve messed up in earlier posts, which doesn’t really do much for those who have already read it.  With all of that being said – here is the deal.  This is a blog.  I try my best.  I write every single day, occasionally more than once.  I do not have an editor (except for my dear friend Sarah at work who catches stuff from time to time).  For me, it’s about the content.  It’s not about how well I structured a sentence.  I hope you guys feel the same way, and if you are a fellow blogger I’m sure you can relate.  I wanted to mention this especially for those who are considering writing a blog yourself, but are too afraid of your writing skills.  I think that is secondary, because you will improve with time.  I know I have, even though I still make mistakes.  What’s really important is that you are writing and getting it out there.  People will understand your intent and appreciate the effort.  We are all beautifully imperfect, so why wouldn’t our blogs be the exact same way?