I have really missed writing in my blog for the past few days.  While I still did my daily post, the last three were very short due to time & exhaustion.  It’s nice to be sitting in front of a computer again thinking about what I want to say.  The windows are open this morning and the cool air is pouring in.  In fact, it is almost a little chilly.  I love it.

This past weekend was more than I could have ever asked for.  I had some anxiety leading up to it about a few things, but once it got going I never looked back.  I met so many new friends from in town and out-of-town, and my normal schedule was totally thrown out of the window.  It was like time didn’t exist.  Well, time didn’t exist until the no sleep pattern started to catch up with me on Saturday.  I really enjoyed running the Sidetalk panels, even if I do miss a lot of the movies that are playing at the festival during the day.  I get to hear some interesting conversations about independent film that I would otherwise never be privy to.  All and all, it was a great weekend.  And while I didn’t take too many photos myself, I know that I was in a bunch taken by the festival photographer.  Those will be posted in the next few weeks so I’ll be sure to upload them here as well.

Can you believe that Thursday is the first day of September??  I can’t… but I am so grateful.  I feel like there are happy times waiting for the rest of 2011, and the coming of fall is just the beginning of that.  I can’t wait to wear a comfy sweater or to put on some high boots!