Things I love:

1.  My mini house
2.  The first day of September
3.  Prosecco
4.  Dreaming of my trip to Greece in 2012
5.  The ability to be able to run & be active
6.  Quiet mornings
7.  The beginning of football season
8.  Planning my Halloween costume  🙂
9.  The Sidewalk afterglow
10.  Living in an alley (minus the garbage truck)
11.  Having dreams and ideas to be excited about
12.  Mexican food
13.  Being in my 30’s
14.  Thinking about things that I love
15.  My nieces Lily Bean and Anna Banana
16.  Hello Kitty Band-Aids
17.  The number 17  😀
18.  The promise of cooler air
19.  My mom’s smoothies
20.  Weekends!!

I really like doing this exercise because it makes you think about all the wonderful things surrounding you at any point in time.   And I have so many things to be thankful for.  Happy dance!