It’s amazing what a week, or even a day, will bring.  I had zero idea that I was even in the running for winning Birmingham Magazine’s Best Local Blog in the annual Best of Birmingham issue, but lo and behold… I got it.  Click here to see the winners from every category.  I actually found out b/c someone congratulated me on my Facebook wall.  When I discovered that it was true, I ran up and down the halls at work saying, “I won! I won!”.  🙂  There are numerous great blogs here in Birmingham, so it is an amazing honor and one that I’m extremely proud of.

When I started this blog in March of 2010, my only purpose was to post every day until I lost 45 pounds.  Beyond that, I had no further plans for continuing it.  However once I lost the weight, I discovered that I really really love writing in my blog.  It’s something that I didn’t want to give up… so I didn’t.  And here I am a year and a half later, almost 550 posts in and still going strong.  I am so grateful that I discovered “my voice”.  I’m also proud to say that I’ve maintained my weight loss with ease b/c of the accountability my blog gives me.

Since I’ve become a blogger myself, I have started to read more and more blogs by other people.  You’d think it would happen the other way around, but it didn’t.  I think sharing a common love with someone helps you to understand better what they are trying to communicate.  I think about what they were doing when they decided to write their post, how long it took them, were they happy or sad, did they proof it first… all kinds of things.  I can also see the great courage it takes to put something really personal out there for the world to see.  It’s hard to be more vulnerable than posting something revealing on the internet.  I’ve done it time and time again… sometimes wondering if I should have shared.  But I am always glad that I did.  I hope others feel the same way.

Best of Birmingham!