This week has been full of friends, babies and love.  Sometimes there is just a magical feeling in the air, and this has been one of those times for me.  I just feel so warm inside thinking about how lucky I am.

Today we are having a bug themed baby shower for my friend Jill, and I was in charge of making a bug craft table.  🙂  It turned out really cute if I say so myself.  I love celebrating big moments in my loved ones lives, especially the arrival of a new baby. I go back and forth on wanting to have one myself one day.  But with that being said, I do love a baby.  The chunkier, the better.  They smell good, they make you smile, and their life is such an open book full of possibilities.  So if I never actually have one myself, I can enjoy everyone else’s!!  😀

Me and the Chez Knox Rox

B'ham's Best- Local Food Advocate James Little, me, Local Artist Jill Marlar and Local Artist Charles Buchanan!

Me & Mali

Baby Shower Bug Craft Table