Best news ever:  I just found out this morning that my sister Christy got in the Augusta Half Ironman on September 24!  This is her first year to do triathlon, and so far she’s knocked out a sprint and olympic distance over the summer.  Augusta actually sold out a few days ago, and when she decided that she wanted to give it a try it appeared to be too late.  I haven’t heard all of the details yet, but I know between her writing the race managers and her super friend/coach Joanne, somehow she got in as of this morning.  I am so happy I could do a dance all by myself!

Christy and her husband Mike are also interested in having another baby, so I wonder if I will ever get to do a race with her.  My next triathlon will be the New Orleans Half Ironman in April, which I’m already getting really excited about.  I am also going to go for the Mercedes Marathon again in February, hoping that this time around my knee holds out.  I have a strange confidence that it will, and that I will be able to cross the finish line with flying colors this year.  I know what I did wrong last time so I will not be repeating past mistakes.

I’ve said it before a thousand times, but there is something amazing that happens when you push yourself to the limits… in any area of life.  Reaching your full potential is a high like no other.  It’s not about being faster or better than anyone else, it’s about competing with yourself.  It’s getting better and better every time you do something.  And if you don’t, you fix the problem and jump back on the horse.  I’ve consistently become a better athlete over the past 5 years of my life despite a few set backs.  I can only imagine what I can accomplish in the next 5 years if I really try.

A really fun fantasy popped in my head while writing this post today – wouldn’t it be amazing to cross the finish line with someone you love in a full Ironman distance (a distance I have yet to attempt).  Maybe my sister will be that person.  That makes me smile.  🙂

My sister Christy (right) with our mutual friend & triathlete Kristi Casto.