I had no idea that the high today was going to be 68 degrees here in Birmingham, Alabama!  I pranced out of the house like it was going to be as warm as ever, and I was sadly mistaken.  Or happily mistaken… since I have been looking forward to a day like this for months!  Too bad I didn’t dress appropriately for the occasion.  I’m looking forward to turning on my space heater at work to full blast and drinking a cup of hot chocolate.  You’d think it was winter by the way I’m reacting to this change in the weather!

When it turns cold like this outside my thoughts immediately go to a very random thought, one that happens every year.  I think about being at Sloss Furnace during Halloween for their haunted house, sitting in the waiting area watching scary movies.  It’s one of my favorite annual things to do.  Speaking of scary movies, I used to never watch them.  They terrified me beyond words… especially since I always thought our house was haunted growing up.  Now that I’m older I have a whole new appreciation for horror films.  In fact, I seek them out.  It’s kind of like riding a roller coaster for the first time when you are young, and all you want to do is keep riding it over and over again.  It is so much fun to be underneath a soft blanket eating popcorn screaming at things that aren’t real.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I need to start thinking about what I’m going to be this year!  I’ve thought about being Katy Perry again, only this time around doing her character with the head-gear & braces.  But now that I’ve written it here I’m sure I will completely change my mind.  🙂  She is an easy default for me.  I love to dress up and wear a costume, but I’m not willing to spend more than a few days putting my outfit together.  What are you going to be for Halloween this year?  Maybe I should be a ficus tree…

My Katy Perry costume from last year.