Weigh-In Wednesday #75 – 150.6

Today, once again, I am doing a public speaking engagement… and I am all in knots about it. The more I speak in public the better I get, but my nerves have yet to start taking a chill pill. I know I will do fine, blah blah blah… it’s just the unknown factor that always gets me. I really envy people who are naturals at it, and luckily my partner today is just that. I am sure her confidence will carry us both through. 🙂 Be thinking about me around lunchtime today!

September has brought a lot of major decisions along with it right off the bat. I am still working on the creative project that I mentioned a few days ago, and we should be able to talk more about it soon. We have to get a few big things figured out first, but it is well underway. I know I am being super vague about it, but sometimes that’s the way creative things have to be until it takes on a life of its own. It is definitely still growing its wings.  The thing I love most is that it’s a short-term project (as far as working on it goes)… so once November gets here we should be able to coast.

I have decided that my new place is really, really small.  🙂  I am beginning to run out of things to occupy my time.  The easy thing to do would be to get cable TV (which I currently only have 5 stations upstairs), but I would like to avoid doing that.  It is easy for me to watch too much television in general.  Instead, it would be nice to start cooking more and to maybe have a little garden outside.  I also have little window planters that could hold flowers or herbs.  AND, I still have the art materials to start doing watercolors when I feel so inspired.  Sounds like I have plenty to do if I really want to!  I am also looking forward to training again for the marathon and Half Ironman starting next month.  That will take up a little bit more of my free time as well.  It’s been nice to have a short break from exercise though.  It will just make it that much more fun when I start back up!