I am proud to say that I did a pretty good job yesterday during my public speaking gig.  I was extremely lucky that there was another speaker there before me, Andrea Walker, who pretty much rocked the mic.  You would think that it would have made it more intimidating, but it actually made me feel more at ease to see her be so confident. I’m not saying that I did an awesome job or anything, but I think I did as well as I could hope for.  It is hard for me to carry a talk all by myself with no questions or interaction.  That is why panels are so much easier for me I think.  But like I said yesterday, the more I do it the better I get. And maybe one day I will be as good as Andrea!

I did get a few interesting questions at the end of my talk.  One was if I felt like I shared too much personal information, or how I knew what to share and what not to share.  I think that most of what I do is instinctual, and even though it appears that I might talk about everything in my life… I actually don’t.  There are many things I put in the “no blog” category.  I take my own personal safety and well-being into first consideration.  I also think about other people’s privacy.  If content passes those criteria, then it’s pretty much free game.

The other question that I got was if I read any other blogs.  And the answer is YES!  So today, I’d love to share with you some of my favorite blogs here in Birmingham.

Debbie Smith- How following the Golden Rule gets you screwed

Stephen Vinson- Weight-loss blog

Jan Mattingly- A journey through the world of forced domesticity

Jennifer Dome- Weight-loss & fashion blog

Gina Robertson – A girl, a dog, and a hike

Elizabeth Bradley Hunter – Not a Peach

Will Nevin – Weight-loss blog

Laura Kate Whitney – A newcomer’s take on Birmingham

Rachel Callahan – Grasping for Objectivity (family & life blogger)

BirminghamMommy.com – Mommy Blog by some kick-ass chicks

So When Is Your Show – Theatre in the Greater Birmingham area

I’m sure I left off a handful of really great local blogs, and if I remember them later I will update the list.  We have a little something for everyone here in town!