Yesterday over my lunch break I went to watch my sister Rachel try on wedding dresses along with my mom and grandmother.  I’ve been to so many things like this before, and it is always a magical moment when a girl finds “the one.”  Rachel had been to several places already before yesterday, but nothing seemed to click.  It was about dress #7 yesterday when she finally turned around to see herself in the mirror, and we could all see it written on her face – it was her dress… the dress she’d wear in Greece next year to marry David.  My mom teared up, and Rachel did a little happy jig (which I’m proud to say I captured on video).  🙂  It was a fun time.  There are two things that I really love about weddings – wedding dresses and wedding cake. Those things make me smile.

I am so excited about going to Greece next April to see her & David get married, as well as exploring a country I’ve never been to before.  We will be in Santorini, which looks a lot like the Amalfi Coast in Italy (my favorite place in the whole world!).  I’m actually trying to decide if I want to visit Italy as well since I will be so close, but there are so many other places close by that I’ve never seen before that I should probably visit as well.  I won’t decide for the next few months though, as I have until November or so to make up my mind.

I am lovin’ that it is Friday… it couldn’t have come any sooner.  This weekend is Artwalk, another favorite event of mine here in Birmingham.  As a matter of a fact, I will be reading tarot cards in the entertainment area on Morris tonight from 7-9 if anyone wants to pop by and say hi! Looks like the weather is going to be great and I know they will have a wonderful turnout.  Tomorrow during the day I am going with a friend to a Birmingham Southern football game, as her fiance is one of the head coaches there.  Tomorrow night is a work event at Alabama Adventure that I have to attend, and I may stick around afterwards to play.  There is also an Artwalk after party that I may go to depending on how the evening unfolds.  Last but not least – Sunday my friend Rebecca and I are putting the final touches on our creative project that we hope to launch next Monday.

The biggest priority of the weekend though is to get some sleep and start back up on an exercise program, which I am really excited about.  I’ve maintained a low-level of fitness for the past month or two (which has been nice), and I am ready to start training again for my sports goals in 2012.  Plus, the weather couldn’t be any better here for getting outside and breaking a sweat!