Oh lordy, I am sick again with tonsillitis.  I may go see a doctor soon, as I seem to get it at least three times a year.  It was a little worse this time around than usual too.  I’m sure it’s because of the weather change last week and from all of the end-of-summer activities going on.  I’ve heard that getting your tonsils out at an older age is much harder to do than when you are younger, so I will make sure it is worth the hassle before I go under the knife.  All I know is that tonsillitis SUCKS.

Artwalk was really great last night.  I did my tarot card readings from about 7 – 9:30, and even had to turn some people away at the end.  The air was cool and the festival atmosphere was a lot of fun.  After I finished though I came straight home and went to bed since I was under the weather.

I am about to hit the sack for a solid nap before heading to a work function tonight at Alabama Adventure.  I am hoping I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!