I woke up feeling much better today, though I’m still not 100%.  I think by tomorrow I will be good as new.  🙂  Yesterday I ended up doing a lot more than I probably should have, but it was a good day none-the-less.  I went with a few work friends to a Birmingham Southern football game around lunchtime, something that has turned into an annual event for us.  It was a lot of fun, but I started to quickly go downhill after the first quarter. I then found a nice shady spot where I just chilled out on my own until it was time to go.  I went straight to bed as soon as I got home!   Last night I went to a work function at Alabama Adventure then had a very entertaining dinner at The Bright Star in Bessemer.

As I sit here thinking about what to write next, I realize how much I really love my place. My cats are running around playing with plastic bags, the temperature is cool and morning sun is coming through the windows.  I am working on a desk that used to be an old church door that is just begging for me to do creative things on it, like write in my blog.  Things can’t get much better than this… or could they?  I’m sure not going to stop it if they do.

Today I am going to work with my friend Rebecca on our project for a few hours, then the rest is up in the air.  I’m going to try to do much less moving around in general so my body can heal up.  I was hoping to start back with a running program this weekend but that will have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday. I can’t wait to get back out there!  I have a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy becoming fit again for the marathon and Half Ironman.  I never anticipated taking a break from my routine this summer, but I am really glad that it worked out that way. I think it made me miss being as active as I was while also renewing my energy levels.