Today is the day!  My friend Rebecca and I are very excited to announce our short film project Crush.  It’s based on the concept that relationships are like trying to find the perfect chair.  Some chairs are comfortable while others are not, some hang around a little too long, some are too trendy while others are dated and worn… but one thing’s for certain:  you can’t find a new chair until you’ve gotten rid of your old one.   It’s going to be a very simple film, with one scene throughout showing the whole process of a woman losing her long-loved chair and the journey to find a new one to fill its place.  There will be no dialog, only moving images to tell the story.  It should be very meaningful to a lot of people.

We are going to try to raise $2,000 on Kickstarter to pay for the cinematographer, composer and editor, while the rest of the funds needed will come out of our own pockets.  If you would like to consider giving a small donation, you can visit our page here to learn more about our project and watch a short video of Rebecca & I.  🙂

Rebecca and I on the "Crush" Kickstarter Shoot