To say that yesterday was an amazing day would be an understatement.  We went over 50% of our goal yesterday on day 1 of our Kickstarter campaign for CRUSH thanks to family, friends and supporters.  That is a pretty big deal and we are both so grateful for the contributions.  An extra special thank-you goes out to my dear friend Vero who will be donating 10% of her sales at Naked Art this Friday night to our movie.  Click here to learn more about the event!  Hope to see you there.

In other big news, I woke up this morning with no more pain in my throat!!  YAY!!  I literally felt like someone had punched me on both sides of my neck all weekend so it is a huge relief not to feel that way anymore.  In fact, I think I feel well enough to go for a run this afternoon… so that’s exactly what I’ll do!

October will be my one year anniversary of losing weight.  It still blows my mind sometimes to think that much time has passed by, and also that it’s been so much easier to keep the weight off than I ever anticipated.  I once again attribute my success to this blog and posting my weekly weigh-ins for everyone to see.  Also, seeing a therapist has helped a great deal too.  Even though I originally started seeing her because of my divorce, we have now shifted focus to other areas of my life.  She has helped me realize that our bodies are pretty resilient, and if we don’t abuse them then they will reward us kindly.  I was always scared to start eating a normal day’s amount of calories, thinking that my body was different and that I would gain all of the weight back.  That has not been the case at all.  In fact, as long as I eat within reason, my weight doesn’t really fluctuate at all.  That is a pretty amazing thing and it just keeps surprising me.  I’ve also discovered that taking away some of the pressure and anxiety off of my body image helps me to relax and actually enjoy food.  And food is a wonderful thing!!