Last night while at an event for work, I was reminded of how short and precious life is. Many people in attendance had either lost a child or almost lost a child to cancer, and to hear them speak about it moved my heart in ways it’s never been moved before.  It wasn’t about the sadness, though that was definitely there too, instead it was about the fight that even a child has to hold on to life.  I don’t know if you know this, but it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month… so if you have the means to give a few dollars to your local cancer charity, you should. Here is a link where you can donate in the Birmingham area –

Today is my mom’s birthday!!!  Without a doubt, she is one of my most favorite people on the planet.  I think what I love most about her are the layers in her character.  There are many private things a lot of people don’t know that make her extra special. No matter what, she has always accepted me… no matter how strange or unusual I may have been. 🙂  She lets me be me, and that’s the best gift a parent can ever give a child.  In lieu of gifts this year she asked for friends and family to give to a cancer organization this month in honor of my Aunt Shirley, whom she is visiting this weekend in North Carolina.

I am soooooooo grateful for everyone’s support on CRUSH, the short film Rebecca and I are making together over the next few weeks.  We’ve reached our fundraising goal in a record amount of time!  It makes my heart explode with happiness. Tonight is our 3rd Friday event at Naked Art in Forest Park for anyone who’d like to stop by and say hi to us!  They are giving us 10% of the proceeds from the evening, which is extremely generous.  While we may have reached our fundraising goal online, our actual budget is more that.  We are definitely in a safe zone, but any contributions are still welcome at this point.

When I said that this would be a fast project… I wasn’t lying.  Our shoot date is next Saturday, the 24th, at a great house in Highland Park. Rebecca and I have been working nonstop putting the script, shooting schedule, prop list and crew together to ensure the best possible outcome of our concept.  It’s really strange when something just works, and the idea behind this film is extremely strong.  Rebecca and I are also a pretty good team since we both bring distinct strengths to the table.  This weekend we are going to put a lot of the finishing touches on the production plan for next weekend.  And while it’s been a lot of work, I’ve really enjoyed the process so far.  I just keep trying to remember that this will fly by before I know it, and I want to enjoy ever second.  It’s not every day you get such an amazing opportunity.

My mom and Aunt Shirley