Last night I got to spend the night with my niece since my brother & Amber are out of town in Asheville, NC for the Brewgrass Festival. Those baby monitors are creepy… it was like watching The Ring all night long. I kept expecting her to jump out of her crib all possessed or something. 🙂 Lily is a really funny baby, when I got there around 7 or so she was just sitting in her crib. David said that at some point she would just fall over. And that’s exactly what she did about 10 minutes later. She slept all night long without a peep. When I woke up at 6:30 she was sitting up in her crib again just cooing and looking around. She could be the best baby ever. We had a fun time together this morning before I left around 9. I love morning babies!!

I have tried my best to keep today as open as possible, as I really needed a “me” day. My goal for October is to have at least two weekends where I do absolutely nothing. We’ll see how that goes!!!

The Lily Bean