I like to imagine that I’m in another country when looking out of my window in the morning.  It must be the houses that I am able to see because most of them are very European in style.  Especially when it’s cloudy outside like it is today with a slight breeze in the air.  I can see the trees slowly moving from side to side above the rooftops.  The cold air is definitely coming soon, and I am actually excited about it for once.  I feel like the holiday season this year is going to be especially awesome.

Last night turned into a magical evening unexpectedly.  I met my friend Chez for dinner at a local restaurant called Rojo, and what was supposed to be a quick dinner turned into a 4 hour laugh fest.  We had several friends sit with us for a while then leave, only to be replaced by new people stopping by.  This happened several times over the course of dinner.  The music was also very interesting… when we first arrived they played the new Arcade Fire album (love) from beginning to end immediately followed by some Bob Marley.  It was a strange combination in tune with the evening itself.  It was a good night after having an equally good day.

Rebecca and I also found “the chair” for our short film Crush.  I was beginning to get a little worried, but at the very last place we went to it was there just waiting to be found.  There are many other chairs in our film besides this one, but we needed the star.  This week should be a lot of fun prepping for the shoot on Saturday!